February 16, 2016

Wedding Cake Considerations

Wedding cakes are a beautiful detail to any wedding but there’s a few things to consider when choosing your wedding cake and where it will be displayed.

I’ve seen cakes melted by the time guests are seated for dinner because it’s been sitting in a warm room. It doesn’t make a pretty picture. Before ordering your cake check with your venue that your cake can be stored in a fridge or cold room before it’s needed. If your cake has to sit out in a warm spot for many hours then opt for fondant frosting over buttercream frosting. If your venue is very warm or you are having an outdoor reception in the sun wait to have your cake displayed until closer to dinner. But do have it displayed early enough for your photographer to get a photo before guests enter the room, 20-30 minutes prior to dinner should be enough time. If you plan to have your cake on display and cut during your drinks reception the same rules apply. But be sure to cut your cake sooner than later to avoid damage or melting. If in doubt ask your cake baker.

This delicious cake by Cloudberry Bakery.


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