Yvonne & John

Thank you so much for the fantastic photos. We love them. I can’t stop looking at them. You captured every moment of the entire day and all the emotions too. We can’t believe how much you got. We had such an amazing day and loved every minute of it and it really shows in the photos. It was great we didn’t miss a single minute of the day. We really didn’t want to spend the day posing for photos and missing all the fun! Yet you still managed to get all the shots we wanted.

It’s hard to single out any of them in particular. I love each one of them.

Thanks also for helping us find our dream location. We loved the venue and if it wasn’t for your photos of Ciara and Rian’s wedding, we would not have found it. Thanks so much for that. The day was like a dream for us. At the end of it I turned to John and said did that really happen, or did we just imagine it, we just couldn’t believe how well it all went.

Thanks so much again Christina, you really are so very talented. We can’t thank you enough.