September 4, 2018

Kilruddery House & Gardens Weddings

I recently chatted about conservatory wedding venues over on my Instagram account. There are a few really amazing venues in Ireland with great conservatories. Why do I love conservatories for a wedding venue? Because in a country that you can’t count on the weather it has the feel of an outdoor wedding while being sheltered from the elements.

Kilruddery House and Gardens in Wicklow is on top of my list when recommending a venue with a conservatory. Though it’s worth noting that they only allow ceremonies in the conservatory. But we won’t hold it against them because well it’s a pretty amazing venue that perfectly has it all-in-one. Amazing ceremony location sheltered from the rain and an abundance of natural light, stunning gardens at your footstep, and a barn converted for your reception. If you’d rather dinner elsewhere there’s options nearby too. It’s a photographers dream location.

Here’s a few of my past Kilruddery House weddings –

A Kilruddery and Avoca Wedding
Botanical Kilruddery House Wedding
Intimate Kilruddery Ceremony