July 4, 2017


I preferred to think of myself as super organised and impatient rather than nesting. Which is exactly what I am most days – impatient. As soon as the GP confirmed my pregnancy I was on Pinterest and baby websites and buying recommended reads. The Irish Pregnancy Book (recommended by my GP) is a brilliant read for anyone interested. Of all the books I looked at this one totally made everything practical and put my mind at ease. There’s a lot of books out there that would easily make anyone feel overwhelmed or anxious. But back to the ‘nesting’.

Not long after my 20 week scan we started making baby purchases. Being a forward thinker I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with waiting until the last month to be putting together baby furniture and washing baby clothes. I wanted to have my feet up with no worries on my mind in the last month. Business included. I had everything in order by the start of April. Weeks of blog posts were prepared along with baby linens ironed and at the ready. It’s just how I roll.

Living in a smallish house I wanted to keep the amount of baby goods to a minimum. With a small home comes the challenge of finding furniture to fit. The baby basket (moses basket, bedside crib, carrycot, whatever you call it) was my greatest challenge as I knew we had little space to work with and wanted something other than the traditional baskets in most shops. After much searching I got lucky and stumbled upon The Wool Nest by Mokee on Pinterest and fell in love. Many other baskets or bedside cots were just too big for the small amount of space around our bed. And the reviews and posts on Instagram for their products won me over. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. The wool walls of the nest makes it a cosy haven for baby protecting them from a chilly breeze and loud noises.

Very early on we knew we wanted the baby room to be mostly neutral and monochrome. The cot was also from Mokee but the other furniture were items we already owned and repainted or redecorated to match. All the extra decor was sourced from various places like Ikea, KID, Ooh Noo, Amazon, and Bold and Noble. And her sheep mobile, which she’s obsessed with, was a lovely gift that came from Etsy.

While little baby girl won’t be sleeping in her room for several months yet I enjoy looking at it everyday. It was previously a guest bedroom, then turned office, and now a baby room. No doubt it will be filled with plenty more stuff in the future but for now I enjoy the simplicity of it.