May 23, 2017

Quietly Growing A Baby

Over the last 9+ months I’ve been quietly growing a tiny human, under the radar, while continuing on with all things wedding. Surprise!

I thought nine months would seem like an eternity but in reality the time flew. From the moment we found out last July I was pregnant we chose not to make any online announcements, a decision I’m delighted with as it’s allowed us to hear and see all the happy reactions to our news not just once but over and over during the past many months.

I usually reserve this blog for all things business and wedding related but over the next few weeks I’ll be putting aside the bi-weekly wedding tip posts to share a few personal posts on the events from the past nine months. Why? Many couples choose to share with me one of their most intimate days so this is me sharing back. It’s good to connect on a personal level even in business, it’s something I used to do much more of but have pulled back from in recent years.

I hope you enjoy this short blog series welcoming our new addition. Sweet Valentine. Like any parent, we are in love with her. I’ll share more about her and my pregnancy in the coming posts. For now I’m enjoying this break from work to just stare at those big chubby cheeks.