October 6, 2015

Wedding Day Time Saving Tips

Worried you may not have enough time on your wedding day? Here’s a few of my time saving tips.

Skip greeting guests after your ceremony and instead go straight to your reception venue and greet everyone during your drinks reception. On average, 30 minutes is spent thanking your guests after a ceremony. Why not say your hello with a drink in hand?!

Start your morning prep 30 minutes earlier than recommended. This is a part of the day that often gets delayed.

Limit your travel locations to your venues only. If you must venture off site for photos have it be only the two of you and not the entire wedding party.

Have immediate family or bridal party members already checked-in to their accommodation if they are staying at your venue or elsewhere. There will be time wasted waiting around for those who have to check-in to the venue after the ceremony and who may be needed for photos.

Limit your family photos. Stick to a few key group combinations or it will severely cut into your party time.

It’s worth giving a proposed timeline to your photographer for input!