Mentoring Sessions

for Wedding Photographers

I’m delighted to announce I’m now offering one-to-one mentoring sessions in Ireland! Starting a photography business can be overwhelming. I went through years of trial and error before finding the right recipe that worked for me. Now I want to share what I’ve learned and found most valuable to my business. Mentoring sessions will be available during Spring and Winter seasons and I will be offering a limited number from now until the end of May.

Sessions: * Every session will allow for plenty Q&A time

  • 3
    Hour Session
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    Hour Session
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  • Shoot & learn
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The Art:

  • Techniques of Soft Portraits
  • Photographing Couples Naturally
  • The Art of Shooting Ceremonies

The business:

  • Essentials to Getting Started
  • Marketing You & Your Brand
  • Client Management & Workflow
  • Getting Published & Networking
  • Blogging for a Luxury Brand
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When I started my business in 2007 I knew squat about the realities of running a wedding photography business. Over the past few years the most valuable information I learned came by attending workshops taught by other wedding photographers, reading marketing books and blogs, being lucky enough to marry a marketing genius, and simple trial and error. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete expert. I’ve had my share of fails but in these mentoring sessions I’ve pulled together the information and tools that have been invaluable to my photography business and that have helped me succeed.

Why one-to-one?

I’m a great listener. It will benefit you more to have my full attention. While I find workshops great, in a one-to-one your questions will be listened to, carefully answered, and specific to you.

Why me?

I started my business in a foreign country and knew very few people. I fought to build the confidence I needed. I sympathise with those of you who are just starting out. Also, with most workshops and sessions taking place abroad here’s your opportunity to have one locally! I’ll have the experience of shooting in the same often wet and dreary weather!