About Christina

With a passion for having a camera in my hands and a need for adventure I journeyed from my home of Chicago to live in Paris and study photography. It’s the stuff of dreams.

Even with the abundance of amazing scenery in Paris I still found myself drawn to photographing people. After getting married I sort of fell into weddings. It seemed to choose me rather than me choosing it. Once I entered it’s world a new infatuation took hold. I believe if you enjoy something don’t deprive yourself of it and so I threw myself in.

Photography has become only a part of my passion for weddings. Hosting events, inspiring couples with editorial photoshoots, mentoring photographers, and sharing advice on the blog are just a few of the outlets I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy.

With my photography I pull inspiration from my surroundings and the natural light (and even sometimes from those beautifully crafted Chanel perfume ads). Even with years of learning and experience behind me I’m never just content with my art. I’m confident in my knowledge but strive for greater perfection.

As Seen

Magazine Features

  • Grace Ormonde

    June 2013
  • BASH

    Vol 1
  • Magnolia Rouge Magazine

    July-Sept 2013
  • You & Your Wedding

    July / Aug 2012
  • You & Your Wedding

    May/Jun 2012
  • Brides Abroad

    Issue 6 2012
  • Image

    Jan 2012
  • Irish Times Magazine

    Dec 2011
  • Stellar

    July 2011
  • B Wedding Magazine

    Autumn 2011
  • B Wedding Magazine

    Spring 2011
  • B Wedding Magazine

    Autumn 2010
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Vendor Love

This is me!
Want to know a little more about me? Here's a few of my favourite things. I often find a connection with my couples over shared interests. So if you find we have similar loves let's meet for a coffee and chat.


There’s no denying Paris has a special place in my heart. I lived there, studied photography there, and met my husband there on Valentines Day (on Rue Princesse no less). Cue the sappy French love songs. I dream of someday owning a quaint French apartment where I can be inspired by the beauty of the city and photograph to my heart’s content.

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The Oscars

From a very young age I remember being curled up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching The Oscars. From the glitz and glam of the red carpet to the awards ceremony I enjoy it all. As a self-proclaimed movie nerd Oscar night is one on my calendar never to be missed. If I were president my first action would be to declare The Oscars a national holiday.



I value good design. You’ll often find me ogling over an overly priced handbag or piece of furniture not for the designer label but because good design for me is about the attention to detail that went into creating a product. Good quality materials and good structure attract my attention. I often find the same need for good structure coming across in my photos.


Sweet tooth? Yes! My love of desserts began with the humble chocolate chip cookie. These days my palate has become a little more refined and I long for the delicate flavours of a french macaron. But be warned, if you stand between me and a chocolate brownie you will be pummelled. Rustic or sophisticated dessert is my favourite course.


The Cafe

Living in Paris taught me the pleasure of sitting in a cafe. I could literally watch the world go by for hours and not get bored. My ideal day out is sitting with a cappuccino and a good read curled up in a corner of a favourite cafe. It’s the simple pleasures in life that I find most rewarding.

A Current Favourite


I’ve always had a warm spot for animals but cats steal the show for me. I literally gasped when I heard of such things as cat cafes. My current cat buddy is Pepper. A torti we adopted 7 years ago. Very naive, a great cuddler, and no stranger to Instagram, she knows exactly how to manipulate me into getting what she wants.

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