Consulting For Wedding Photographers

March 8, 2016

Hello! To my fellow wedding photographers I’m now offering one-to-one consulting. Starting a wedding photography business can be overwhelming. I went through years of trial and error before finding the right recipe that worked for me. Now I want to share what I’ve learned and found most valuable to my business.

Why consulting?
It will benefit you more to have my full attention. While I find workshops great, with one-to-one consulting your questions will be listened to, carefully answered, and specific to you. I don’t want to provide you with a pre-planned workshop that might not answer all your questions. Instead I want you to bring your questions to me.

Why me?
When I started my business in 2007 I knew nothing about running a wedding photography business. Over the past several years the most valuable information I learned came from listening to other wedding photographers, reading smart business books, being lucky enough to marry a marketing genius, and simple trial and error.

Look, I know I’m not a complete expert and there’s often more than one right way and I encourage you to discover your own but I want you to benefit from the ideas and tools that have been invaluable to my photography business and that have helped me succeed as a business woman and as a wedding photographer.

What to expect?
You bring the questions, anything you wish to share, and I’ll help guide you with my methods and solutions.

If you’re interested, get in touch now. Consulting sessions are available weekdays only.