Lux Curated, Wedding Stage Directing

February 2, 2016

While writing my first book, ‘Ever Yours – A wedding photographers secrets to creating beautiful memories of your special day’, I realised that there was an opportunity to create a new wedding service to help encourage the natural light wedding images my couples and many others wish to have by maximising beautiful light, positioning, and precious time on a wedding day. So began Lux Curated. Before you panic, yes I’m still photographing weddings, but I now offer this unique and new service too.

Lux Curated is about maximising a wedding’s photogenic potential through various techniques that I’ve coined ‘wedding staging’. As a Wedding Stage Director I oversee placement of details, table set ups, location choices, and adjusting timelines to help your wedding photos live up to expectations.

So why might you need this service? As a photographer I use light as a tool. An object will photograph differently in one place than another all because of it’s placement, positioning to light, or time of day. I began sharing advice because I was noticing had these things been considered I would have delivered a better photograph. While couples love the tips I share in my book realistically there is a lot to execute and this is where having a Wedding Stage Director will help make the process easier.

Interested to know more? You can head over to the new website for a full list of services. The best part is that the majority of these new services are carried out prior to your wedding day which means I’m still free to photograph your wedding!

Get in touch if this might be something you want for your wedding.


Ideal for anyone getting married and a great engagement gift, EVER YOURS, my wedding tips and advice ebook is now available!