A New Website, Brand, & Timely Reminders

May 5, 2015

Today is an exciting day as I launch this shiny new website and brand that we’ve worked tirelessly on over the past year and a half. Long overdue for a facelift, I’m delighted to finally reveal the fruits of our labour.

While we’ve carried across the same ease of navigation to the new site there are a few changes.

The monthly newsletter has been replaced with my new Timely Reminders. If you are getting married, be sure to sign up (the sign up form is also located on the homepage and in the blog sidebar). When you sign up with your wedding date you’ll receive a curated selection of my wedding tips at important times in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day to help make your wedding planning a little smoother. If you were previously receiving my monthly newsletter, and your wedding date hasn’t yet arrived, be sure to re-sign up as all email addresses will have to be re-registered.

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog you may notice there is no longer a comment section. During the new web design I made the decision to get rid of blog comments. Not only will this stop all the spam that trickles through (and is a huge time waster) but as social media becomes a bigger part of our lives more of our online interactions are taking place in more public locations such as Facebook or Instagram and less on personal pages. It felt like the right decision and natural progression to move all online conversations and interactions to my social media pages. So if you would like to make any comments you are welcome to do so on my Facebook page, Instagram feed, or to my Twitter profile and it is much encouraged. I love hearing what you have to say.

So enjoy and have a look around; there’s still more to come so be sure to stop by the website again soon for more exciting news. If you never saw the previous website here’s how it used to look! Thank you to Flosites for making it all come together.

Thank you to especially my better half, my husband, for the hours of hard work and dedication you always put into my projects. He deserves so much more credit than he’s given.