Verona On Film

Blogged on Feb 26-2013
Posted by Christina

Last month I travelled to Verona, Italy for a sweet intimate wedding. More on that to come. Here’s a few images on film of the days I had to myself around the city. It was wet, it was cold, but it was Italy.

I even managed a self timed photo just to prove I was there. Enjoy my loyal blog followers :)

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  1. Feb 26-2013 , 07:19PM
    Beautiful as usual Christina! They look timeless.
  2. Dad:
    Feb 27-2013 , 01:13AM
    where is Roberto Benigni?
  3. Christina:
    Feb 27-2013 , 12:27PM
    Thanks Amy!

    Dad - I'm rolling my eyes.. :)
  4. Feb 28-2013 , 11:50AM
    I was hibernating on Tuesday! Wow, Italy looks fab even with the Irish weather!
  5. Feb 28-2013 , 05:20PM
    Oh I LOVE these! I´ve just recently attended a film photography workshop and I´ve been smitten with the look and feel of film ever since! Would you care elaborating on what cameras/films do you use? xxx
  6. Feb 28-2013 , 07:42PM
    I love that your dad leaves you blog comments. And signs them, Dad.
    Also, I once went to Verona on a secret weekend with my husband. Pretty, isn't it? Love your postcardesque photos.
  7. Mar 01-2013 , 11:53AM
    Amazing!!!! I want to go too! Even if there is rain!
  8. Mar 01-2013 , 07:02PM
    These are gorgeous Christina! Love them. Looks like a gorgeous place for a photographer and their camera.


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