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Swoon! This is the wedding of Emily and Lonan. A beautiful American girl falls in love with a handsome Irish boy in the exotic location of Vietnam. My couples never cease to win me over with their delightful love stories.

There is so much to say about Emily and Lonan’s wedding. They chose the beautiful location of Ballyvolane House for their reception and ceremony under the trees mixing Irish and Jewish traditions. Smashing a wine glass under your foot isn’t as easy as it looks! Emily wore a Claire Pettibone which flowed off her petite silhouette and her bridesmaids dresses were custom designed by Emily’s favourite designer Hà Trùòng in Vietnam. Truly one of a kind.

It’s been Emily’s dream to perform a dance from Pride and Prejudice so along with their wedding party and a few close friends they surprised everyone with the coordinated dance accompanied by a string quartet in the garden after the ceremony. As most of their wedding party was scattered around the globe they each practised on their own time and it all came together smoothly on the wedding day. That’s some dedication I have to applaud!

A very sweet tradition they included was feeding each other cake from wooden spoons. Tradition was (in Norway) that the suitor made the spoons for the young lady, and at the wedding the bride and groom gave each other a bite of the wedding cake using the spoons. Tasty cakes by The Choux Box. And also thanks to Pearl & Godiva for some pretty styling.

A huge congrats to a beautiful couple!


“I cannot recommend Christina enough. Photographing people well is a difficult task, and Christina gets how to capture people at their best. She is extremely reliable, professional and made me and my husband feel completely at ease. She is not a controlling wedding photographer with gimmicky ideas for wedding poses. She is an artist, will listen to what you want and deliver beyond that. Also, I was very sceptical of getting engagement photos- but am so happy we did. We got to know Christina, had a lot of fun on the day of the shoot, and felt even more reassured that she was the right choice. Having engagement photos with her also made us comfortable sharing our wedding with her. There are some intimate moments during your wedding day and you do not want an imposing person snapping photos in your face for the duration of what is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life! For us, we actually looked forward to seeing her on our wedding and were sad when she had to leave! No debate, Christina is the best choice we made for the wedding.”

Emily & Lonan

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  1. Jan 22-2013 , 10:12AM
    Your weddings just keep getting better and better)) What a lovely beautiful celebration! Lucky couple who got to have a ceremony outdoors on such a gorgeous day!
  2. Jan 22-2013 , 10:13AM
    swoon indeed! stunning x
  3. Jan 22-2013 , 10:15AM
    Christina ~ Wow ! What a beautiful, personal wedding, captured so wonderfully. It is great to see outdoor weddings appearing. C
  4. Jan 22-2013 , 10:25AM
    This is my absolute FAVOURITE!!! Ballyvolane is just gorgeous, those trees where the ceremony took place, absolutely beautiful! It's funny spotting people you know too..
  5. Jan 22-2013 , 10:30AM
    Love the flowers! And a gorgeous outdoor ceremony! They are totally worth the risk! So gorgeous Christina!
  6. Jan 22-2013 , 11:25AM
    Stunning wedding and photos Christina! Perfectly captured x
  7. Christina:
    Jan 22-2013 , 11:43AM
    Thanks for the sweet words and love ladies! It truly was a dream wedding :)
  8. Jan 22-2013 , 12:07PM
    Gorgeous, Christina!
  9. Jan 22-2013 , 01:06PM
    Musicians always have the best taste in wedding photographers! ;) so lovely to get a glimpse of their gorgeous day and who wouldn't want to get married in Ballyvolane! Beautiful!
  10. Deborah:
    Jan 22-2013 , 03:27PM
    Beautifullt done, Christina!
  11. Jan 22-2013 , 05:34PM
    You know how much I love your work. It's always dreamy and beautifully shot x
  12. Jan 23-2013 , 04:08PM
    Oh wow Christina, amazing job!
  13. Jan 23-2013 , 06:03PM
    Totally and utterly, beautiful!!! (three of those for emphasis). x
  14. mister B:
    Jan 30-2013 , 01:57AM
    So awesome. Looking at these makes me feel like I'm there.

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