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Another special shoot on the blog today. Last week I featured Felicia and Anthony. This week is another special couple, Natalie and Sal. Natalie is Felicia’s younger sister. Yep both sisters, both my cousins, both getting married in 2013!

Natalie and Sal are super stylish and love city life. There was never any doubt that their engagement shoot was going to be in the heart of Chicago. I love love love city shoots. There’s so much life, colour, and movement.

Natalie and Sal are so perfectly matched it’s ridiculous. I remember the days when we were younger and Natalie swore off boys saying she’d never get married. They just prove that all it takes is finding the absolute perfect partner to spend forever together. I’m honoured they want me to photograph their wedding in Punta Cana next year. 2013 is going to be epic!

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  1. Dec 18-2012 , 09:34AM
    What a cute couple and just love the setting! Gorgeous work Christina! :-)
  2. Dec 18-2012 , 11:05AM
    LOVING THE FILM! But, really - to die for! So pretty. :)
  3. Dec 18-2012 , 01:41PM
    I love this shoot Christina, so vibrant and full of love :<)
  4. Christina:
    Dec 18-2012 , 04:08PM
    Thanks so much!
  5. mary:
    Dec 18-2012 , 04:47PM
    Beautiful pictures guys
  6. Dec 18-2012 , 05:26PM
    Film, Chicago and your photography? Sounds like the perfect match to me! Gorgeous!
  7. Rosangela:
    Dec 18-2012 , 05:34PM
    All these pics are absolutely beautiful! You are great at what you do!!!!!!!
  8. Bart:
    Dec 19-2012 , 12:57AM
    georgeous work Christina
  9. Deborah:
    Dec 19-2012 , 01:32PM
    Very Beautiful! The colors outstanding!
    You keep out doing your own work, Christina! Exalent!!

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