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I’m so excited to share Felicia and Anthony’s engagement shoot! If Felicia looks slightly familiar it’s because she’s my sweet little cousin. Well, she may not be so little any more but to me she’ll always be my little cousin, my sidekick in teasing our younger sisters while they played Barbie.

Felicia and Anthony chose a few special locations for their city shoot. The lily pond at Lincoln Park was a spot Felicia loved to visit while living in the city during college. A relaxing spot to sit and think. The golden Autumn leaves seemed to glow with the warm October sun. We then headed up to the top of a now abandoned parking garage where Anthony proposed to get a perfect view of the city. Lucky for us we were able to sneak past the ‘Do Not Enter’ tape blocking off the stair case to climb to the top for a perfect photo op. I love that they’ll have one last special photo together in a place with so many memories. That’s what an engagement shoot is about.

Felicia and Anthony are a perfect match and I’m so lucky and thrilled to be part of their wedding next year! Roll on August!


“OMG I love them! They look sooo soooo good! I am so happy we were able to make it to the top of the parking garage.. the city looks so cool”

Felicia & Anthony

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  1. Dec 11-2012 , 09:48AM
    Pretty pretty! Film really suits you! x
  2. Jacqui:
    Dec 11-2012 , 12:26PM
    Love love love! Beautiful shots Christina.
  3. Dec 11-2012 , 12:28PM
    Beautiful! I love the shot of the skyline from the parking garage, what a special way to remember their engagement!
  4. Dec 11-2012 , 03:59PM
    Love the last shot! Brilliant))
  5. Felicia:
    Dec 11-2012 , 04:11PM
    You never cease to amaze me with your photography cousin!! Thank you SO much for such amazing shots! We had so much fun and we're so lucky to have such a talented photographer as our cousin! xo love you!
  6. Teresa:
    Dec 11-2012 , 04:52PM
    Love. Love. Love!
  7. Deborah:
    Dec 11-2012 , 06:28PM
    Beautiful beautiful! Great work Christina!
  8. Dec 11-2012 , 10:13PM
    Beautiful as always! Love that last shot, really cool!
  9. Dec 11-2012 , 11:18PM
    It looks so warm and sunny! I love the last shot too. Great work!
  10. Dec 18-2012 , 09:36AM
    Loving the fact that you're shooting both your cousins' weddings and they're both such gorgeous girls! Love the light in these shots & the romance. Just perfect :-)

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