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I love city shoots. A girl in heels surrounded by the architecture of a city is one of the sexiest things to photograph.

This is Rebecca and Eammon, a sweet Canadian / Irish couple. Sadly I won’t be available to photograph their wedding next year but I was super honoured when they asked me to photograph their engagement. The locations they chose for the shoot were all symbolic to them, including Fixx Coffee House where they often enjoy a cappuccino together. I love when couples incorporate meaning into the shoot. It makes it so much more personal.

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  1. Nov 06-2012 , 10:56AM
    Love the photos in the cafe! Very cinematic feel to them and I imagine that is film. Great shoot!
  2. Nov 06-2012 , 11:01AM
    What a great shoot! I agree with Lisa, the cafe photos have a wonderful cinematic feel, like we are on the set of a movie.
  3. Nov 06-2012 , 12:28PM
    SO STUNNING!!! You have totally captured the moment and you can totally see the love they have for each other...awwwww!!!
  4. Christina:
    Nov 06-2012 , 01:44PM
    Thanks a mil ladies! Film definitely has a unique and gorgeous quality that worked perfectly for these moments :)
  5. Nov 07-2012 , 07:46AM
    these images are absolutely gorgeous! i've never been to dublin, but it is at the top of my list of places to explore. your photos make want to go there even more... like tomorrow. ;o)


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