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If I could photograph exclusively in France I’d be a happy lady. I love the vibe, culture, architecture and beautiful weather! It’s a dream and a very romantic location. I was super excited when Heather and Brett decided to let me photograph their destination wedding in the South of France. I knew I would be there a few days before the wedding so we decided to arrange an engagement shoot a few days before so we could all meet and take advantage of the beautiful location.

Heather and Brett are from California but love travelling together and decided on an intimate wedding just outside Carcassonne in the small village of Villegailhenc. We chose to shoot their engagement around Carcassonne to take advantage of the architecture of the city. I’m so in love with the softness of the colours.

For the photography geeks out there, part of this shoot was taken on a Mamiya 645 with Fuji 400 film. My love affair with film has returned!

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  1. Jul 31-2012 , 09:52AM
    This is truly beautiful!! Such beautiful soft light and colours xo
  2. Jul 31-2012 , 09:53AM
    Very pretty and rather French :)
  3. Jul 31-2012 , 10:16AM
    Lovely Christina!! Such a charming shoot!
  4. Jul 31-2012 , 10:25AM
    Awh, so lovely to see glimpses of Carcassonne again and I love getting to see the Mamiya in action! Gorgeous
  5. Helene:
    Jul 31-2012 , 12:46PM
    Sooooo pretty and romantic, Christina!
  6. Jul 31-2012 , 01:26PM
    How wonderful Christina! Love the colours, the light and the architecture. Must have been fun to play somewhere different!!
  7. Christina:
    Jul 31-2012 , 02:23PM
    Thanks for the blog love ladies! So nice to have guaranteed sunshine!

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