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Tara and Paul were determined to get married outside. They love being outdoors, one of their passions is hiking together. They got engaged while hiking in the Wicklow mountains. So an outdoor wedding in Ballybeg House was perfect for them. Being an Irish wedding it was bound to rain at some point, but the hardest rain of the day came down during the ceremony. It will no doubt be a lovely memory they will cherish forever.

Tara and Paul incorporated so many perfect details to their day. My favourite being their home brewed Carrick Mountain Beer and Tree Bark Ale. How clever! The moment I saw Tara’s 1950s Vintage Ciel Chapman dress from The Goddess Room I knew this wedding was going to be fabulous. Actually, scratch that, I knew from their engagement shoot I was in for a treat! Tara and Paul had an array of fabulous details from The French Touch, Pearl & Godiva, and Boxty. Paul sported a really slick grey suit bought and tailored in London. London seems to be the fashionable spot to find mens suits. Joanne Kelly and Sheena O’Brien did outstanding work on hair and makeup, not that Tara needs it of course, she’s a natural beauty!

The wedding was a relaxed one with the drinks reception in the main house by open fires and the dinner in the marquee out in the garden under the twinkly lit trees. The wedding menu was created so everyone could swap or share. I thought it was a great way of adding extra fun. Desserts were served on huge platters, each table getting a different dessert so everyone could pass and share. One thing I’ve noted at my times at Ballybeg is their ability to do food well. If you’re a foodie this is a place to consider!

Lastly, congratulations to Tara & Paul and to all the guests who took pity on a rain drenched photographer and offered to share their umbrella during the wedding ceremony!


“I remember the first day I spotted your work on One Fab Day. I was flicking through images of your previous weddings and finding myself dreaming that they were of us. I genuinely had never felt that looking at any other photographer and i’m totally chuffed we choose you. You were a pleasure to work with, you put everybody at ease, they stop worrying about what they look like and you capture them at their best. Our photos portray us and our guests beautifully. Thank you!”

Tara & Paul

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  1. Apr 17-2012 , 08:39AM
    I simply adore your work, Christina. Punchy colours, loads of emotion, wow. Tara is so beautiful too!
  2. Apr 17-2012 , 09:02AM
    What a beautiful couple! Their wedding looks like a total reflection of their style)) Kudos to them for not giving in to Irish weather!
  3. Siobhan Byrne:
    Apr 17-2012 , 10:07AM
    Gorgeous images Christina.
  4. Christina:
    Apr 17-2012 , 10:09AM
    Thanks, it really was a fantastic wedding!
  5. Apr 17-2012 , 10:15AM
    That is one gorgeous wedding! Love that they paid attention to the details which really presents their story so beautifully. And they are gorgeous!
  6. Apr 17-2012 , 10:29AM
    Wow, so beautiful. Who cares about the rain? It looks so pretty and intimate and wonderful. What beautiful colours as well, dreamy.
  7. Apr 17-2012 , 10:40AM
    Wow, rain sure didn't dampen it and well captured! Really lovely touches to this day!
  8. Apr 17-2012 , 10:49AM
    Absolutely beautiful on so many levels. Getting on with the weather and celebrating outdoors was a great decision. And I love the table plan - they look like decorative Art Deco fans from a distance. Congrats to Tara and Paul.
  9. Apr 17-2012 , 10:49AM
    Fab wedding Christina another hit straight outta the park! Love the detail.
  10. Apr 17-2012 , 10:51AM
    What a wonderful shoot Christina. I love it! I only shot at Ballybeg for the first time last weekend and it truly is one of the nicest venues I've come across. Your post here captures it perfectly and in it's entirety. Very well done indeed.
  11. Apr 17-2012 , 10:53AM
    Oh my word! Absolutely stunning as usual Christina. My sisters friend was telling her about this wedding and how beautiful it was with the umbrellas and the rain and of course the beautiful dress!
  12. Apr 17-2012 , 10:56AM
    Love it Christina, a stunning advert for getting married in the rain!
  13. Apr 17-2012 , 11:24AM
    Oh wow, this just shows how the best weddings are those when a couple stays true to themselves! Love their style and what a special ceremony, you captured it beautifully as always!
  14. Apr 17-2012 , 12:35PM
    Wow, this wedding is one of the most stylish I have seen. Great photos, I think you really captured the love the couple share. It just goes to show the Irish weather doesn't always have to ruin outdoor events.
  15. Therese:
    Apr 17-2012 , 04:30PM
    Wow, adore these photos Christina, and the new site is gorgeous.
  16. Apr 17-2012 , 04:50PM
    Man, you challenge me to be better, girl... Not to mention, I really need to start embracing the "portrait" length photo. I'm such a "landscape" shooter. Gotta start practicing turning my camera on it's side! Great, great wedding. What a wonderful story you told here. xoxo
  17. Apr 17-2012 , 06:30PM
    Love, love, love these. Some of the sweetest portraits I've ever seen and that photo of her looking in the mirror is absolute perfection.
    You Mrs, are a wonder. x
  18. Apr 18-2012 , 09:41AM
    Wowzers! Love it all! This couple is so elegant and so stylish..
  19. John Fogarty:
    Apr 18-2012 , 05:06PM
    Good collection of images, Christina, which capture the atmosphere of the occasion. I like your use of "focus", blurring the background and concentrating on the "main" thing, and the B & W adds interest, as well.
  20. Apr 19-2012 , 03:32PM
    I really like what you've done with the theme but I was asking myself if you are the one that created it or you just bought it and customized it?
  21. Apr 20-2012 , 05:14PM
    What a beautiful Wedding! Love all the little detail! Must agree strongly with Dasha!
  22. Christina:
    Apr 22-2012 , 01:24PM
    Thank you all for such lovely comments. A big credit goes to Tara and Paul who really made the entire day!
  23. May 04-2012 , 04:47PM
    Absolutely gorgeous wedding. I love the way you've photographed the details, and the couple look so relaxed and happy. Lovely.
  24. May 15-2012 , 05:42PM
    Beautiful images. Real atmosphere and warmth - despite the rainy weather! Lovely.
  25. Bill:
    May 17-2012 , 02:34AM the rain...
  26. May 19-2012 , 12:01PM
    wowsie - how beautiful you are TARA! -
    amazing pictures too christina - thanks so much for letting pearl and godiva add some special touches to your day - big congratulations to you both :) Pearl x
  27. May 30-2012 , 02:27PM
    [...] Image Credit: Brosnan Photographic [...]
  28. Johanna:
    Jun 05-2012 , 02:14PM
    Beautiful photos... Beautiful couple... Beautiful outside ceremony...

    And a surprise for me as I realised I knew the bride from the Tin Whistle class Tara attended with me this year :)
  29. Jun 29-2012 , 08:50AM
    [...] beat it, join it kind of attitude I suppose! Anyway, today’s post was really inspired by this beautiful wedding by Christina Brosnan. I love that this couple took on the weather and still had their out door wedding in the rain. I [...]

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