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During the summer I had the pleasure of second shooting with Magda Lukas at Summer & Paul’s wedding at the Village at Lyons. Summer is from Taiwan and Paul is Irish and they decided to have their blessing ceremony in Ireland. With styling by The Bridal Lounge, a Vera Wang wedding dress, D&G shoes, a stunning venue, pink mushroom cake, and the fabulous Shark Pig from LA (I was a little starstruck) it was a winning combination to say the least.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a stunning wedding. And I just love Summer & Paul’s quirky sense of humour. It was such a pleasure tagging along for the day.

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  1. Nov 08-2011 , 10:27AM
    Honestly, there can't possibly be a better photographer in Ireland, than you. These are just pure beautiful.
  2. Nov 08-2011 , 10:41AM
    OMG what a cute wedding, LOVE that cake!! beautifully shot Christina xx
  3. Nov 08-2011 , 11:10AM
    Wowie! Love it! I love the mushroom cake!
  4. Nov 08-2011 , 11:38AM
    Omg, swoooontastic! Must be one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen lately! Beautiful! Photos are just utterly gorgeous!
  5. Nov 08-2011 , 12:46PM
    Fantastic photos Christina! It was great working with you. Love, love, love
  6. Deborah:
    Nov 08-2011 , 02:12PM
    I totaly agree with Chloe! When it comes to photographers you are outstanding! You make everything look beautiful! I love her dress, the cake, and the venue. Thanks for the post!
  7. Brian M:
    Nov 09-2011 , 05:48PM
    Given you were in the "background" second shooter role, those are some mighty fine shots. They'd be a brilliant album just by themselves. And wow! Sharkpig were in Ireland! Impressive - although not quite as cool as that blue jacket. :)
  8. Nov 10-2011 , 10:18AM
    Absolutely gorgeous! The story flows from one shot to the next so beautifully, love the shot of the bride with the balloon - cute!
  9. Belle:
    Nov 11-2011 , 04:02PM
    I really want those balloons for my wedding! Can you get in touch with her and ask her where she got them!!
  10. Nov 16-2011 , 08:29PM
    Great Photos!
  11. Nov 18-2011 , 10:25AM
    [...] beautiful wedding visit Magda’s blog here, and also check out Christina Brosnan’s blog here as she was second shooter on the day and has some fab shots [...]
  12. Summer:
    Nov 19-2011 , 04:46PM
    Thank you Brosnan! so sophisticated work,
    I like your style gives the wedding another atmosphere.

    But about the shoes are Roger Vivier & Prada 2011 s/s, not D&G.

    For Brian M:" Impressive – although not quite as cool as that blue jacket " Paul is happy his lovely chic PRADA jacket would be admired.

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