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Get ready for something fabulous! Brosnan Photographic is bringing you what is no doubt going to be a photography event not to be missed!

We’re bringing together the talents of alternative, indie, vintage wedding photographer Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography and luxury wedding market styling team Paige and Kelly of Bash,Please. These ladies are leaders in shaping the alternative wedding industry and setting trends internationally. Love to Learn 2011 is not going to be a technical workshop. We are not going to focus on how to use a camera or edit your photos, but we are going to help you develop your own artistic style, find your strengths as photographers, and target the right market.

This 2 day event with 3 fabulous guest speakers and special guest will get you motivated, inspired, and lead you to make the right choices for your business. We want you to remember what made you passionate about wedding photography!

Watch our wacky promo video created by the talented Shark Pig!

Artist Workshop with Feather Love + Bash, Please from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

The Guest Speakers:

Noa (Feather Love Photography): Based in San Diego, Feather Love Photography has become a well known name in the wedding photography industry in America. Noa loves weddings that are a bit different and is influenced by the look and feel of old movies, record covers and the photographic style in old penthouse-style magazines. Noa has been published in several international publications with a recent publication in People Magazine of her wedding photos of Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby.

Noa will be focusing on inspiration and guiding us to find our own unique style and voice as photographers.  Day one will be filled with deep discussion and motivation on giving us a push to become better artists. With her success with Rue Magazine, E! Entertainment, The NY Times, interviews in Photo Pro and The Photography Parlour, and personal workshops, Noa is helping photographers grow as individuals and pushing for change in the industry. Noa will also lead us in a styled wedding shoot, because what is a photography workshop without a shoot right?!

A few highlights from Noa’s talk will include:
• Getting the clients YOU want
• Finding your own influence & artistic style
• Artistic integrity
• Getting & keeping inspired
• Shooting from “the hip”
• Breaking rules to get the results you want
• Finding & creating processing that you like
• Becoming & staying the Art Director of your shoots
• Intuitive shooting

Be sure to read more about Noa on her blog.

Paige & Kelly (Bash,Please): This hot California duo (also the creative geniuses behind Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby’s wedding) is taking the luxury wedding market by storm. With features in publications such as Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart, Rue Magazine, 100 layer cake (the list goes on and on), Bash,Please are on America’s event stylers most wanted list. They are also the creators behind HITCHED, one of the most innovative wedding events around.

On day two Paige and Kelly will focus on the business of weddings. Being a well sought after styling team these girls have lots to offer on targeting the luxury wedding market. They will discuss marketing your brand, staying true to your art, and building relationships within the wedding industry. No matter what level of your career you are at you are going to benefit from all these girls have to offer.

When and Where and What to Wear:
London (TBD) on September 6th and 7th. Dress comfortably as you will be sitting quite a lot! Don’t forget to bring your camera and lots of questions!

The Schedule:
Monday will kick off at 9.30am and finish around 7pm. A full day of motivating, inspiring, shooting, and eating. You will hear from Noa and finish the day with a styled wedding shoot. Tuesday will start at 11am (for anyone who went out partying!) and finish around 5pm. Paige and Kelly will speak about the luxury wedding market.

€770 (£650) early bird rate if booked before the 12th of June. €900 (£800) normally.

Special Guest Speaker:
Kat of Rock N’ Roll Bride is going to tell us how to get featured on wedding blogs and why blogs rule in general!

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  1. Feb 04-2011 , 04:03PM
  2. Feb 04-2011 , 04:10PM
    This is fabulous Christina! What a great idea. Now I need to start saving my money...
  3. Feb 04-2011 , 04:15PM
    Hi Christina, I had heard about this on Twitter and Facebook, I wondered who was organising it. Brilliant idea, I wish I was a photographer so I could attend, such a great line up, wow!

    Would love to meet the speakers any plans for a night out, I'd be there with bells on!
  4. Feb 04-2011 , 04:18PM
    This is great, Christina. Best of luck with it. :-)
  5. Feb 04-2011 , 04:20PM
    This is brilliant Christina, well done for pulling this together!
  6. Feb 04-2011 , 06:02PM
    Oh that's what it is! Heard about it on twitter)) This is BIIIG stuff! Well done for putting it together. Best of luck, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!
  7. Feb 04-2011 , 06:53PM
    Brilliant Christina - am confident this will be a huge hit for you!! Fab line up!!!
  8. Feb 04-2011 , 08:19PM
    Woo hoo! Nice one Christina! Keeping us all motivated, creative and moving forward. Yeah!
  9. Feb 04-2011 , 10:06PM
    Please consider doing a webinar (film it live) for those of us unable to attend. I'm always looking for inspiration. Thanks, Karen
  10. misterB:
    Feb 04-2011 , 11:25PM
    WOW. I'm speechless.
  11. Feb 05-2011 , 01:49PM
    Wow Christina, this loks like something special!!!
  12. Feb 05-2011 , 07:00PM
    Obviously I'm going to have to take up wedding photography now :-D
    And I like the idea of the webinar or an edited version of the best tips and advice for other creative wedding suppliers...
  13. Feb 05-2011 , 07:48PM
    i cant tell you how excited i am about this event and how HONOURED I am to be asked to speak. I cant wait to meet you all! Eeeeek
  14. Feb 05-2011 , 11:15PM
    we probably won't be doing a webinar from this workshop... we prefer to be with people :) and answer questions etc... but it will be a great solid two days-- I'm so excited!!!! hope to see you all there... xx
  15. Feb 06-2011 , 01:23PM
    Thanks everyone! This has been something I've been so passionate about doing. I find workshops so beneficial but there just aren't enough here! Hope to see everyone there!
  16. Feb 06-2011 , 03:09PM
    Great idea, fantastic speakers! Good Luck. Bartek
  17. Feb 06-2011 , 09:39PM
    I had a little suspicion this was where the big tweet was going! If the 'bash please' gals are hosting similar for us 'other wedding supplier' creative folk.... keep us posted! Sounds amazing. Good Luck with it.
  18. Feb 06-2011 , 11:06PM
    Wow! what a workshop. I'm saving as I type
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    Wow! Sounds soooo interesting! If I can save up all the money, I'll surely come!
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