The time of year you choose to have your wedding can have an impact on how eco friendly your wedding will be. If you choose to have your wedding in the colder months, your venues will have to provide heating for the rooms you use and if you have a rather large wedding that can be a lot of heating! Choosing a warmer time of year will definitely cut back on unnecessary heating, though you may also need to consider if air conditioning will be needed during warmer months. If you are having your wedding in the spring or summer consider having a marquee for your wedding reception. There is more natural daylight during this time of year and having your reception outside will cut down on the use of electricity for having to light the inside of a building.

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Another tip is to buy what is in season. When you are choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet try and pick flowers that would normally grow that time of year. The same goes for choosing your wedding menu. Make sure to pick foods (especially fruits and veg) that grow that time of the year.

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Have fun planning your green wedding!

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